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EMLEY Moor Mast will be lit up for all to see during an art project in 2013.

The 330 metre tall television and radio mast, which is one of the county’s most recognisable landmarks, will have lights installed to coincide with an exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield.

Award-winning artist Haroon Mirza, 35, has created the artwork so that the mast will be seen more clearly from the city centre art gallery.

His multi-sensory work will also include sound being transmitted into the gallery space from the mast.

Permanent sculptures inside the gallery building will also be lit up with LED lights, which will coincide with sounds.

It will run from May 25 to September 29 as part of a series of new work to arrive in the city next year.

The grade II Listed mast, on Jagger Lane, Emley Moor, is the UK’s tallest freestanding structure and is the main digital television and radio transmission station for the Yorkshire region.

The station was first opened by the Independent Television Authority (ITA) on November 3, 1956, initially transmitting ITV to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, before upgrading in 1966 so it could transmit BBC2.

Before the digital switch over last year, its transmission range was approximately 40 miles in radius, mostly covering South and West Yorkshire.

The concrete tower was completed in 1971 and is the third transmission structure to occupy the site.

The original 135-metre lattice tower was dismantled in 1966 and its replacement, a cylindrical mast, collapsed on March 19, 1969.

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