While many admire the works of great artists, the cost of owning paintings is often steep on the pocket. But those who desire to surround themselves with colours and textures from the art world now have a viable option. The Serigraph Studio, conceived by art collector Lavesh Jagasia, is now in India, where works of renowned names are available as affordable buys.

Serigraphs are made by screen printing, which involves applying inks layer by layer on the paper to build up the image, just like an artist applies paint layer by layer to create a painting.

The studio is currently home to limited edition serigraphs signed and numbered by artists Jehangir Sabavala, Sakti Burman, Jogen Chowdhury, SH Raza, Ram Kumar, Paritosh Sen, Ganesh Halio and Lalu Prasad Shaw and plans to launch Ramachandran’s work as well in the new year. Later this month, some of these will be on display at an exhibition.

Whatever takes your fancy!

Chris Sabian is a portrait artist with http://www.kutefineart.com and owner of http://www.paragonprints.co.uk