The art industry is one of the last creative industries to make the digital move – but, with more people buying art online without ever seeing it in real life, it could be that times are already changing.

If visitors to London want to see contemporary art, the first port of call has traditionally been the Tate Modern. In 2012, a record 5.3 million visitors journeyed through its doors.

More people in the UK visit art galleries and museums than attend Premier League football matches but record numbers are flocking to the internet too. And buying art is the becoming an industry norm.

Artists “like nothing better than manipulating reality so we can’t tell the difference between real and fake”
In an industry worth an estimated £40bn, that’s quite a big business to tap into.

The online art market is already estimated to be growing by 20% each year.

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Chris Sabian is a portrait artist with http://www.kutefineart.com and owner of http://www.paragonprints.co.uk