Work is underway on a new piece of art in Stockton town centre.

A mural is being constructed in West Row car park on the back of the newly restored West Row Arts building, behind the High Street.

Titled “A Century of Change” it will be painted at the former site of what was Stockton Fire Station between 1883 and 1965.

The mural is part of a £38m town centre revamp which includes £20m of Stockton council money.

It has been specially designed by Stockton-based artist Zak Newton and is made up of three elements.

The first element is the painted representation of the shadow of what was previously there based on photographic records and depicts the old West Row facade and tower of the fire station The second element of the work is the fireplace, once the heart of every home. It is installed at first-floor level and is a fabricated reconstruction of a form typical of the early 20th Century’ s neo-Georgian style.

The third element occupies the west-facing gable end. It comprises three mirrored panels and three painted panels replicating the warehouse architecture of the area.

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