A New York art dealer has thrown a massive temper tantrum in front of stunned diners at a New York restaurant, purely because his mate, actor Owen Wilson kept him waiting at the wrong restaurant.

Tony Shafrazi, who sells paintings by Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat and Francis Bacon, screamed at Wilson and billionaire art dealer Peter Brant because they hadn’t picked up their phones while he waited at a different eatery.

Onlookers said that Shafrazi railed: “Why didn’t you call me back? What the f**k is wrong with you? You are on my time, you are not on Hollywood time. It is so disrespectful.”

Fed up, Wilson – who was said to be eating a dandelion and heirloom tomato salad – apparently screamed, “Go f**k yourself,” and stormed off.

Chris Sabian is a portrait artist with http://www.kutefineart.com and owner of http://www.paragonprints.co.uk